the good life

I applied for about a million jobs since I've been in Utah and have an interview on Friday.  FINALLY.  I waited 10 days to hear back about this one, and had pretty much given up.  Then, on Monday night, I got AN EMAIL!  Its a big deal job as an executive assistant to the CTO.  I must say, I am stoked for many reasons.  Although the pay is phenomenal, I am MOST excited to find a job that puts me back into BUSY MODE.  The mode where I can get a million more things done because I just KEEP MOVING. The company is pretty great as well, just adding to the list of why I am so excited.

I was talking to my dad (father-in-law) this weekend in Portland and have been pretty bummed about the whole job thing.  I mean, there are obviously a million jobs in Utah and I've applied for them, made phone calls, followed up, etc.  Kyle's been so busy and I want to be busy doing things that aren't related to me personally.  Staying at home isn't for me.  I seriously have no motivation when I'm alone in a house all day.  He made the comment about me working 60 hours a week and I thought.  "OMGsh... DUH. I could easily do that."

Although that may seem like a lot of hours to most of you.... here's my current situation:  Kyle goes to class at 7:30 AM and is there until 11:30 when he comes home for lunch.  He eats while he does homework/projects (very important KYLE time) and then leaves at 1:30 for work.  He works until 6:30 which usually turns into 7:30 and he comes home to grab dinner before heading to school for his junior core project group.  They usually meet until 11:00 PM or so, where he then comes home to shower and do his reading/other homework until 1:00 AM.  Then, he comes to bed to do more reading/projects that require less attention... the nights usually result in this: (please see Lola is completely worthless and in the bed under the covers, cutting her eyes at me for disturbing her warmth)

At this point, I can't sleep because I normally find important things to do when Kyle gets home and points them out to me... (and, it's difficult to sleep when he's fallen asleep in these positions b/c they cause him to snore) SO, I am up for a few more hours doing things, stressing about un-employment and laundry, and then I sleep-in the next morning because I CAN.  I miss having a 24/7 job.  I felt so good working that schedule because I was being productive and helping someone else all the time.  Of course, the adjustment from Maui has been difficult.

POINT IS... This should be fixed.

So, I have a part-time thing going right now, but I'm still in need of some major busy work doing GOOD THINGS FOR A COMPANY.  Kyle only has a few hours a day to spend with me, and he gets that time based on staying up until 3 AM, so-- I need more on my plate.  We need to wake up together and go to bed together, and not resent each other for having such different schedules/work situations.

I am so excited to have an awesome opportunity that my resume actually equates to.  And, I'm so excited to have found a job that would be PERFECT FOR ME and my intense need to fill EVERY second of my day with something.  With that being said...

CROSS YOUR FINGERS!  PRAY FOR ME!  DO EVERYTHING IN YOUR POWER TO SEND BLESSINGS AND POSITIVE ENERGY TO ME FOR FRIDAY AT 1:00 pm!!!!  I WANT THIS JOB!!!  (if I don't get it, no big deal... there are plenty of others, but... i might cry)

home project catch-up.

As my friend Brittany put it: "I feel like the things you buy there are already broken".  EXACTLY.  That's why it's excellent.  For example: We found a nice broom (the bottom screws off and has a handle to be used as a "hand sweeper"... multipurpose) for $5.00.  Then, we notice on the packaging it mentions a "dust pan combination".  NO DUSTPAN IN SIGHT, and it was the last one left.  What did we do?  Mentioned the issue at check-out and BAM... awesome broom for $2.00.  (I hate dustpans and vacuum up the pile of remaining dirt/crumbs anyways)

We also found a chair... an AWESOME rolling chair (Kyle insisted it roll) for him to use for studying.  It's PERFECT for our desk and we love it.  I was looking on KSL for some Herman-Miller vintage desk chairs... but this is EVEN BETTER.  It was $68.00 but when they went to check the stock... NO LUCK.  YAY for us, because it was in perfect condition and we got it for an extra 20% off.  Side Note: we also got Lola some awesome dog toys for $1.00 each.  Green squeaky chicken = most annoying sound EVER but she absolutely LOVES it.


So, same friend Brittany (the couch story) ended up having some other furniture left over from the room she's re-doing.  We scored this super adorable desk at a great little price of $40.00.

We love it because it fits perfectly in our little nook.  (Yes, the weird awkward space I had NO idea what to do with)  We moved the shelves around, nailed up some cork I brought from ATL, and installed an IKEA rail for easy-access-storage purposes.  There is work to be done here, obviously in terms of lighting, wall decor, organization of shelves (below), etc.  BUT... last time I checked, Kyle loved his little study area.

Awkward space... SOLVED.  We've worked on a few other projects here-and-there as well... 

Bedroom Organization-- We have NO CLOSET.  Well, we do have a closet but, we might as well say we don't.  Kyle and I have a good bit of shoes, accessories, and shirts... among other things.  Our ebay account has helped us narrow down and get rid of some, but our wall space has helped EVEN MORE.

The most difficult part of this project was finding the studs in the ceiling.  After that, we were golden.  Went to Lowe's and bought chain, pvc, hooks, and a few other things under $12.00.  It's working perfectly.  Pros: our shirts are aired out and not in a stuffy closet, so they smell nice when we wear them. We don't have to come up with artwork for that wall.  Cons: I have this compulsive need to iron/steam all the shirts and color code them since they can be seen all the time.  (I haven't done this yet but when I finish the room, it will be done)  We didn't consider the weight of the clothes, so we have to even them out or the rod will bow down in the middle.

We actually REALLY love this and are planning on making more because we love our shoes and don't mind showing them off.  Cheap way to add color to our room while getting our shoes off the floor.  Another trip to Lowe's-- had them cut the board down to 12" pieces for us (just 10" wide), painted them,  and used corner brackets to secure them to the wall.  This project cost approximately $23.00 but it was well worth it.

More Ikea rods ($1.99 each) for our ties/scarves/belts... not sure what we're going to put in the spaces to the left and right.  I was thinking artwork originally but now I need some way to deal with my jewelry... SO... i'm leaning towards a mirror and more organization.  We'll see.

Problem: Kyle's bike was drug into the living room and leaned against the nook every day.  He didn't want it rained on and he didn't want it stolen, and keeping it in the car with the front wheel removed took too long to put back together when he was running late for class.  

Solution: had to climb up to the attic to find the studs BUT... we now have a bike hanging from our dining room ceiling.  I LOVE that it's not in the floor taking up space.  (I already had the curtains form ATL.  I think it's kind of funny that they match)

Also in the dining room.... 

My beloved plate collection.  When I go into any store that sells home goods and there is a plate on sale... if I love it, I buy it.  These are the ones that made the cut to pack and bring out to Utah, and I'm sure this collection will grow over the next year.  If you find any cute plates you want me to put on this wall... send them my way.

**We made it up to our attic with plywood for flooring and now have TONS of storage for the things we don't need on a regular basis (it is NOT a fun trip up there and there are NOT stairs... just our step ladder and upper-body strength).  I've enjoyed hiding the boxes and luggage full of our winter clothes.**

** This has been in my drafts for a week, I just realized and had to publish.  Sorry for the delay!


the joys of utah

The "no alcohol" clause in our insurance policy-- lowering our premium by $45.00 per month per vehicle for comprehensive coverage.  Of course if we get in a wreck involving alcohol on our behalf, our coverage is liability only... but we don't have to worry about that since we don't drink.

Seattle was super fun.  Portland was equally as wonderful.  I'll update on that ASAP but in the meantime... I'm purchasing a few more things we need for our home.



We'll be sprinting through the airport. What's new?

No matter what, we always run late getting to the airport. Twice our flights have been delayed and we've been able to make them... Our luck is probably running up. We are just now on the freeway and our flight leaves at 5:05. We also have to park in economy parking and catch the bus back to get to our terminal. Crossing my fingers.

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new purchases.

I had to have something to wear to the wedding in Seattle this weekend... needed to be orange/red/coral/yellow... PERFECT time to buy the coveted Blythe Blouse from J.Crew.  I've been drooling over it since August, and now it's mine... thanks to the student discount and gift card left over from my wedding-belt-option returns.

And to top off my week so far... I got this awesome little e-mail from ebay which I definitely took advantage of ALL DAY TODAY (and last night) listing things.  Made $60.00 today (2 items), and my i-phone jumped to 80.00 within the first few hours.  YAY for that.  

If you're in need of any of the following... BID AWAY:

All in AWESOME shape... I just don't wear them like I should... and, definitely won't anymore.

I'm super excited for wedding weekend.  Kris and Mehren are tying the knot in Seattle on Friday and we'll drive to Portland on Saturday for an awesome open house.  It'll be like our wedding day all over again.  So excited to celebrate with the rest of Kyle's family and friends on the west coast.  

Lola needs to get out more.

Poor Lola. She is so sad lately. Probably because she doesn't have a huge yard to run around freely like she did in Georgia. She's been staying in bed all day. By all day I mean under the covers, no coming out other than to whine at the door for a bathroom break. I'd say 18+ hours a day this girl is a no-show.

Today, there was an intervention that involved a trip to J.Crew. I mean.... a trip to the mall solves a lot for me. I have faith it will do the same for her. Well... It might take a few trips.

Obviously she's still having a little trouble, but at least she was out-and-about. Even got to meet Camille and Nathan tonight at Cheesecake Factory at Fashion Place. Her anxiety is definitely making me think she should come to Seattle this weekend. We'll see how that goes. Love my sweet girl.

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this is probably inappropriate...

We've been married for over a month.
Now i know the truth.

if my husband was a kitten:


flat tire

Biking home from work today I stopped to buy a bike pump - since I've been riding to school and trying to ride to work and all.  Not five minutes after picking up a nice pump my back tire goes flat. Like... popped flat. Karma? Bad luck? I dunno but it's my first flat ever. Granted, I've only ridden this bike like three times before the last two weeks but that's ok.

Dru's on her way to come pick me up now. Nice benefit of having a wife I guess!? Only, it's been 20 minutes and I'm still sitting on the grass out in front of the nordstrom parking lot...

Shopping break? Pit stop at Jamba juice? Lola couldn't hold it?

Still waiting for baby girl...

about time.

I was too caught up on the phone issue last night... I forgot to post about a HUGELY important event... 


I know... it sounds ridiculous.  That's because it is.  But, in my defense...  

Having boy-short hair for five years never required serious brushing (other than a comb every once-in-a-while), and once I started the serious hair growth I was living with the Graham family.  Nioxin brushes [see pic below] were everywhere.  (literally in every drawer of every bathroom)  Other than that, Amanda had three (no joke) brushes in our bathroom drawer and I always kept one in my purse for the little girls to use.
SO.  Now that I'm in Utah my hair is doing strange things.  ie: being flat, staying clean but still looking stringy, shedding like CRAZY.  SO... I upgraded from my hi-jacked Nioxin brush to this little baby: 

So... Here's to growing LONGer HAIR... without wearing extensions.  WA-HOO!  I've been so excited for this day.  Seriously.



Get this.

My husband's phone died while he was playing angry birds in the bathroom at Target this evening.  As you can imagine, as soon as he got out [of the bathroom] he asked to borrow mine.  This would be because he has a phone addiction (we've been over it before) and has to check Twitter or have his hands on something phone related at all times... ESPECIALLY when we are shopping.  Target gives the "ten minutes until close" warning and Kyle tries to speed up my browsing

Short story long... he starts walking off and says "bye" to me like he's going to leave the store to go home and do homework (we were in different cars because I met him for dinner with this dad and grandparents in American Fork) so I say "bye" and continue to walk to the candle isle.

He immediately realizes he has my phone and comes to bring it to me.  I ask him to smell a few candles for our house not thinking about the phone, but... he doesn't seem interested so i put one down to smell a few others.  He assumes i'm buying the one i set down (because I said it smelled nice) and instead of dropping my phone in my purse (like he normally does), he put it on top of the candle.   I had NO idea.  Remembering some other necessities, I leave the candle isle (with Kyle) and without a candle (he doesn't notice).  We hurry through checkout and go our separate ways to meet at home.

When I got in my car, I felt through my purse but figured he just kept the phone with him.  We got home to Provo and I asked for my phone and.... he explained to me where he left it at Target.  His words: "you didn't grab it?? I put it RIGHT on the candle you were buying."  Well... no Kyle, I didn't think you would just leave my phone on a shelf on a candle and hope I would notice it.


Luckily we were the last ones to check out... SO... we made a few calls and some worker picked it up.  I can go retrieve it tomorrow at guest services.

Good thing.

Dragging Kyle shopping with me is bad luck.  Always.

I was going to post a picture of our awesome purchases yesterday... (a desk and chair)
Sorry, you'll just have to wait.  My husband left my phone in the middle of the store in American Fork, Utah.

BUT.... you get this!!!  : )  
My little happy family... ALL READY FOR BED.  Obviously I woke Lola up for this picture... for her sake, she's more photogenic before midnight.

**side note... yes... Lola is in our bed.  WHY, you ask???  Because Kyle likes to cuddle with her.  No joke.  He loves her... like his own child.  Good thing we brought her to UTAH.**