Update for those who have been asking how things are going in Utah... particularly the ones who have been calling me during the day and I have not been picking up...

I have a job.  I love my job.  I've only been working there three days, but I am willing to say I have never been happier.  : )

Thank goodness my prayers were answered.  I needed this more than anything.

For those of you who are wondering... I got hired as an Executive Assistant to the CTO of SolutionReach (formerly SmileReminder) located in Lehi, Utah.  I'm super busy from 8-5 (minus my lunch) and everyone there is awesome.  I totally click with my boss, and am rocking this position more than anyone else could.  Seriously.  It will only get better.

My patience/confidence/self-motivation was definitely tested over the past three months of job searching...  BUT.... I totally believe there was a divine plan in it... (yes, i'm getting all church-ey and counting my blessings on my blog).  I was getting so upset and sad wondering what was wrong with me and why I wasn't a good enough candidate for all the other jobs I interviewed for.  Now I know why.  This one was WORTH WAITING FOR and totally set up perfectly for me.  Other than working for the Graham family, I have never experienced a job more suited to my needs in the moment.  Those needs have obviously changed since I moved back from Maui, but this is it now.  This is where I need to be.

So, now I have a stronger testimony from being unemployed.  It's funny how we are tested to our limits, because I am pretty sure if I didn't get the job, I would have lost all hope in this whole "life decision to move to Utah and get married" thing.  I feel terrible for all the second-guessing and crying I did, being selfish for having to put off my life plans so Kyle could finish his school.  Keeping it all to myself because I was too stubborn to admit maybe it wasn't the best idea to get married at 21 without a college degree.  Well, guess what?  It WAS the best idea.  Thank goodness I have the most amazing husband who is patient with me and the things I say when I am upset.

The past three days have been so perfect.  I am so grateful I DID get married when I did.  I am so grateful I moved here with Kyle and left everything I was doing before.  I traded up for an amazing man and an amazing job, and an amazing confirmation that my Heavenly Father knows me and has a plan for me.  I AM making good decisions, Kyle and I ARE doing what's right.  I couldn't have asked for a better person to spend forever with.  Kyle is unbelievably perfect for me.  He is my LIFE, and I love him more than I could possibly explain.

Today is a day I am overwhelmingly grateful for my temple marriage and getting to spend eternity with my sweet husband.  And of course I am grateful we have Lola to keep us company and make our family perfect.

** if you're wondering about my borderline too-personal-of-information-for-a-blog,  super-Mormon-girl-of-me posts... Utah is NOT rubbing off on me.... I'm just growing up and realizing some things in life are more important than others   : )  **