Story of my life now.

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My mom says I should never expect this to change. So... I won't expect it... but I definitely hope it will end sooner than later.

How many times do you have to ask your husband to put the toilet seat back down before he realizes you're not joking?

Kyle. Strike three, baby. Come on. Just try a little harder.

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What you've all been waiting for...
It's very important you remember the BEFORE.

Of course we still have work to do, and still need more art on our walls... BUT.... here you go:

My i-phone really doesn't do it justice.  It is so comfortable and the carpet isn't even that bad now.  The rug is a cheap little IKEA 4x6 for $20.00, I bought the curtains at IKEA back when I had my own place in Atlanta... they are doubles-- a sheer white behind and an embroidered white-on-white pattern in the front.  Same with the little rug-- an old IKEA purchase from Atlanta.


You can't see this in the picture because it's to the left on the champagne chair in the corner.  It was a Craigslist find in Orem.  $35.00 and REALLY heavy.  I actually had found THIS inspiration image and was planning on painting something eventually, but finding this end table made me SO excited and saved me work in the long run.  Not to mention, I'm a fan of the whole steam-punk thing.

I must say, this chair looks SO much better in my house than in DI.  The pillow is awesome, and everyone has commented on how awesome this chair is.  Kyle is convinced we could sell it for way more than $10.00 when people see how it looks in our home.  It's a keeper though.

And this... this is my love.  Everything about this chair was perfect to begin with, and it's been my dream chair since I took History of Interior Design.  Kyle has REALLY embraced it-- amazed at its comfort even though there's no padding or "fluffy edges".  Best purchase so far at $150.  HANDS DOWN.

Above the couch.... simple for now, and I love it.  HobbyLobby had ceramics 50% off for the antlers.  It reminds me of my dad and home a little bit.  They also had 50% off on frames so I bought the gallery frame and had a mat cut for the "keep calm and carry on" to make it look a little less college-dorm-inspirational-poster.  My lovely friend Cassie Robinson took our pre-wedding photos and printed them for us.  She is a doll.  And, the little frame on the bottom there was a sweet wedding gift from Kyle's sister, Kandace.  It's called a wedding tree and reminds us of our start together.

So.... there you have it.  Our LOVELY living room.
Everything else is coming together and I'll keep posting in the next few days.

YAY.  We have a house!  We had friends over for dinner last night and it was super exciting to have someone see and enjoy what we've worked on together.  Kyle is awesome and has been so much help doing all the awesome guy things around the house.  This whole marriage thing is pretty awesome and keeps getting better.


After going through about a million colors, Kyle and I took a trip to Wal-Mart to find something comparable to Behr.  They have a few nice brands, but what's really awesome is their brand ColorPlace.  It's the cheapest latex paint you will ever find.  $7.99 a gallon for flat paint of your color choice.

GENIUS for many reasons:
1. I'm not about to invest a lot of money in someone else's real estate and this facelift was less than $20.00
2. Flat paint is easy to touch up and easy to paint over
3. I got motivated to paint at 1:00 am, and Wal-Mart was the only place open

So... anyways... the color from ColorSpace is called Gray Granite.  It's a cooler gray and almost looks blue in some lighting.  I really like it.

We originally picked this color from Behr and just matched it with the cheaper brand.  Behr is $20-25.00 a gallon for interior paint, so it worked to our benefit:

We DEFINITELY had to prime the awful green wall (to the left) first though.  It was a pain.

But, now we have an AWESOME living/dining room.

Amazing Deals

Big deal blog posts... now things are DEFINITELY looking put-together and I am SO excited about it.  The past week and a half, Kyle and I have been working really hard to make our house a home, and I would say it's been a major success.

Get excited... because, there are some AWESOME things taking place here.

One thing that was a little difficult for Kyle to comprehend was how much a throw pillow could cost.  Just going into TJ Maxx and seeing that pillows were marked down to $25.00 gave him a headache.  (Not joking here, I could see the look on his face when I showed him an amazing pillow that cost $29 *retailed for $50*.  I ended up putting everything back that I found and storming out of the store disappointed that he couldn't "go-with-the-flow" for thirty minutes.)

I immediately learned (once again) although it's nice to have your husband's opinion on home decor (or clothing) they really could care less and do not want to spend time with you while you're shopping for it... even if it's the only time you'll spend together that day.  So... HERE WE GO:

I'll start off with the AMAZING sale at Pier One the other day.  I mean.... DEALS.  I spent right under $60.00 on pillows.  But brought home some great stuff:

originally $34.95 marked down to $8.68 I  bought 2 because they are huge and perfect
(please excuse my un-manicured nails in this post)

Kyle loves this one.  It's different shades of grey felt folded and sewn in place for a pretty unique texture. Originally $29.95 marked down to $7.48

This pillow is kind of girly, but the colors were just what I needed to bring all the furniture together.  Originally $34.94 marked down to $8.68.  Seriously... a STEAL.

This one is my favorite.  It's smaller, but SO WORTH IT.  Originally $29.95 marked down to $7.48

Embroidered pillows look so nice.  This one is fab.  
Originally $29.95 marked to $14.98 (a little pricey in comparison, I know)

As you can imagine, Kyle was a little skeptical how I would make these work when I brought them home.  Regardless, he was glad I didn't drag him along with me to the store.


I also up TJ Maxx without Kyle so I could relax and get what I wanted/needed.  I definitely kept the whole budget thing in mind, but HAD to get this:

  ** Side Note** 
I've been trying to find a lighting solution/fixture for the living room.  Firstly, the original light was [pretty much] coming apart, and was super cheap.  Secondly, it's a little more traditional than I would like... making our furniture look outdated.  All the fixtures I found online were over $200.00.  Even the ones on ebay.  Too expensive.  So, I was afraid I would end up with a cheap, trendy IKEA fixture that was still $90.00 

Back to the story... While slowly browsing through the home goods section of TJ Maxx (slowly browsing is the way you have to do stores where merchendise is clearanced-- it's all shoved and stacked on the shelves and you'll miss something really awesome if you don't take your time) I came across a half-opened box that just happened to be the PERFECT fixture I had been searching for.

HECK YEAH!  Clearance for $49.99-- compare to $120.00 

Over the weekend Kyle and I hit up DI for some other things.  Found some chairs.  Poor Kyle kept saying things like "these don't really go together, do they?", "these are going to make our house look bad, huh?", and "are you sure you are okay with this?"-- referring to the fact that we were buying second-hand, old, pretty-much-free furniture.

dining chair $8.00 (they had 5... we bought the 4 stable ones)

This little guy had some loose legs (we tightened them with a wrench-- good as new) 
At just $10.00, I HAD to put him in the back of the jeep.

(No original pictures of the other chair, but... you'll see it soon.  It's a champagne-colored, tufted, vintage swivel rocker that is so comfortable.  $20.00 and rounds our our DI purchases)

Last week we also went to IKEA and found a white, glass-top coffee table-- one of their heavier ones on major markdown.  It literally was the LAST one left in the store that wasn't a floor sample.  It isn't being made anymore SO... we snagged it and brought it home:

Originally $69.99 marked down to $24.99.  I know, right?  Long story short: our living room was full of a bunch of cheap stuff pushed together in a pile so we could paint.



not too shabby...

Okay-- here's a good story.  Take it however you would like... if you're religious, like me, here's to the many blessings and watchful eye my Heavenly Father has graciously bestowed upon me.  If you're a little more on the "not so sure there is a higher power" side, this is some GOOD karma.

Anyways, I've been on Craigslist/KSL for weeks... searching for those perfect pieces to make our house look half-way decent.  Being on a budget, we've been leaning toward the mid-century pieces.  For many reasons... such as:

1. They carry with them a less-is-more aesthetic (our house seems so empty since I left so much of my stuff back in Georgia)
2. They aren't popular with the "more traditional" Mormon women in love with R.C. Willey furniture-- (this means they are cheap to buy used)
3. I have this intense love for modernist things and the history behind their design

So.... ANYWAYS.  back to the main story.

The whole couch thing was a REAL difficulty.  Everything at DI was disgusting when it came to the sofa department.  I mean, nasty.  The stains... well, I won't go there.  The only affordable things listed on KSL and Craigslist had to be slipcovered... and, no offense to the slip-cover crowd, I just didn't want to be one of those.  If I'm going to spend ANY money on a couch, (even if its only $10) I better like the upholstery enough to have it showing.  The not-so-affordable possible options were all gigantic sectionals... many of them were vinyl and if they weren't, they were reclining puffy seats retired from the "family theatre room".  Seriously, there are TONS of those up for grabs.

Finally, the day we moved into our little home, I FOUND it!!  An awesome, retro, orange, (yes, ORANGE) vintage, (because it's all we can afford right now... don't hate) LOW TO THE GROUND, three-seater COUCH.  The best part:  FOR $50.00!!!!!!

I immediately texted the number and crossed my fingers it was still available.  I got a text back and it literally had been posted for less than an hour.  I asked to come take a look that evening; we made arrangements and when I got the address, Kyle and I realized.... it was three houses down from us.

**SIDE NOTE: I'm pretty social, always have been, but I definitely was a little worried coming to Utah.  Worried I wouldn't really find anyone to relate to, concerned Kyle and I would just stick to ourselves and I would be that wife who felt she had to cling to her husband at all times.  I had been hoping Kyle and I would meet some friends in the same life-stage we are in... people we could be social with.**

Long story short, this couch was coming from a super cute couple, married 2 years.  Husband applying to medical school, wife working as a nanny but hoping to go to Interior Design school asap.  (I know, right?)  Funnier part.... they drive a white Jeep Grand Cherokee... same year and model as mine.  We're twins.  Totally.  Not really, but it was nice to have a couple to see at church and to talk with.  I so looked forward to church on Sunday so I could meet them more, and hopefully meet others in the same category.  The girl is super sweet, offered us storage at their house if we need it.  How nice.  And... there are tons of newlywed couples at church who are in the same situation, so I'm sure the friend thing won't be an issue.... But, the couch purchase definitely put me at ease in the best way.

So, here it is in all it's glory... our couch.  (Please ignore all of the clutter in the background.  eventually these pictures will be of an actual room that is set up, but for now... this is all I have)

Even better: I have been looking for job postings and opportunities since I got here.  My salary requirements are probably a little over what Utah pays, which would explain my current unemployment.  Really though, the amount of design jobs here are slim... at least, there aren't any posted.  Well, since I already took one much-needed year off from school, I figured I should try to find a job in architecture or interior design, if the price was right and if I could find any connections.  I haven't had much luck, until YESTERDAY.

Turns out, the person I had been corresponding with over e-mail to purchase the Marcel Breuer Wassily Chair is a pretty well-known architect in the area.  He has worked for several firms and with some awesome designers and architects.  We immediately hit it off and had a great discussion last night when Kyle and I picked up the chair.  He literally sat me down, pulled out his phone and gave me names and numbers to all the top firms in the Salt Lake area.  How amazing is that?  Some people are so nice.  I was so excited, and researching the firms has given me so much motivation already.

Here is the Marcel Chair.... turns out, it was a gift from the first architect he had ever worked for 19 years ago.  Pretty awesome shape/condition... $150.00

Utah has restored my faith in Craigslist/Classifieds.  I definitely am grateful to have had these little experiences.  I know someone is watching over me, and I know I am supposed to be here.  Even though leaving Maui, the Grahams, and my family were less-than-appealing in the beginning, I am so happy with Kyle.  And, I  am so excited to see what happens for us next.



Good thing I'm on lookout... If this happens late at night in the dark, I'm sure to fall in. Please, Kyle. Fix this.

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the potential is hard to see... i know.

We are making progress on our little home, and i just LOVE THAT!  I am getting behind on the blogging because we've actually been accomplishing A LOT in a very short amount of time.

So, here's (sorry, i only have an i-phone and the lighting kinda stinks) pictures of the inside BEFORE.... brace yourself.

Here's the ONLY closet in the whole place.  Yup.  That's it.  End of storage story.  It's off the bedroom, which is another tiny space on its own.  But, I forgive its small square footage because it has built-in antique pendants hanging from the ceiling.  MAJOR SCORE.

Obviously, that's where our bed goes.... right under those lamps.  PERFECTION.  Also, this room is already painted, and even though I know that yellow isn't an ideal color for a bedroom (thank you, Intro to Interior Design and the color psychology lecture), it's the only room in the house that doesn't have cracks in the wall or dents in the sheet rock.... so, we'll keep it for the time being.  (Notice the black outlet plate cover.... WHY?  black and off-white are the same price... why didn't they just use a white one?  **some people**)

ENTRANCE... not too fancy... actually, not fancy at all because this carpet might be the ugliest carpet I have ever seen in real life.  I mean, I've definitely seen pictures of some nasty stuff from the 60's and 70's but this... is pretty awful.  Not sure how to cover it up/get rid of it, because investing in someone else's real estate isn't something I'm about to do.  **Ideas here would be greatly appreciated... it's also a HUGE space, so it's not like just one area rug will do in this situation**

Ha!  Sweet/Silly Kyle (I keep falling more in love with him every day-- this marriage thing is THE BEST) insisted he be in these pictures for the sake of "scale".  Mr. nice guy.  (side note: He wore those corduroy pants for three days while we were living out of boxes.... and yes, he wore them with flip flops... SO embarrassing.  It's also been like 90 degrees here... every day)
To the left is the dining room-- to the right is the hallway leading to the bathroom (door you see) and the bedroom-- also the kitchen

Ok, this is where it starts to get weird.... this is the view to the left of the entry door... and, that little "nook" there has a nice little book shelf... but, those spindles are in a planter.  Yes.  that's what I said... REAL soil... like, window-box sort of thing.... it's lined with plastic and I'm supposed to put plants there.  I'm all about living things and I kind of have a green thumb, but that is just WEIRD.  I'll be researching why this came to be... just not today.

My favorite thing about this house is all the natural light.  Tons of huge windows.  My least favorite thing about this house (other than the carpet) is the forest green "accent wall" to the left there.... it's 15 feet of awful and I am so excited to paint over it I can hardly stand it.

So, the dining room was that tiled area, and it opens up to the kitchen.  There's this strange cut out that wastes like three feet next the the stove, but it lets more light in so I can't complain.  As for the cabinets... they struggle.  By that I mean, they have  been painted over and over and over again to the point where you hear paint crack every time you open them.  The drawers aren't on ball bearings or any track for that matter so they choose to work based on the amount of weight in them.  And, as for the counter... ALL veneer.  Why they cut it at an angle for the backsplash is beyond me.  Interesting choices were made in this home before we got here.  

The right side of the kitchen... the fridge makes it impossible to access those cabinets.  Terrible space planning.  And, although it looks like that range hood is above the oven, it's actually four inches to the right of the actual stove.  Once again, STRANGE.  The glass doors there are interesting... they slide, so finger prints will ALWAYS be on them.  Luckily, Windex is sold in the Great-Value Walmart brand, so I'm okay with that.  

Finally... here's our bathroom.  It's tiny too, but was re-done at the same time (I'm assuming) they worked on our bedroom.  Point being-- it's clean... and yellow.  Kyle, modeling again for scale's sake.  ** I'm working on the whole toilet-seat up thing... he doesn't realize it's a problem **

So, there you have it.  The basic intro to our lovely little abode.  It's nice.  Well, it WILL be nice.  What is NICE is having our own space with out steps to our door or neighbors being loud.  It's just ideal for us and our little Lola.  She's adoring the yard and walking the block.  It's cute.

We have to water the yard... it's not looking very green.  The people before us didn't keep it up, but it'll be back to life in NO time.  

She sits with her legs slightly crossed.  What a lady.


wedding day.

just to interrupt the new-home posts.... a picture from our special day.  
none of my professional pictures have come back yet, but... these ones are still pretty special.
so, here we are with our lovely families.  right after we were sealed.
best. feeling. ever.

the floor plan.

So... quick little scale CAD sketch... just to get a basic understanding.  For those of you who don't know, counters are 2 ft and doors are about 3 ft... (just to reference the whole since I didn't dimension anything)

Kyle and I originally had these requirements in an apartment/house:
1. Washer and Dryer 
2. Dishwasher
3. Two bedrooms
4. Large Closet

Funny how that changed when we took a second look at our bank accounts... and what was available in Provo.  This house has ONE single closet that seriously is less than 4 square feet.  It's door takes up more room in our bedroom than the actual closet is worth.  No dishwasher.  No laundry... not even hook ups.  And, to top it all off... there is only one bedroom.

We're looking at the glass half full: 
1. We'll save on water/electricity and meet more people at the laundromat down the street... 
2. Uh... no dishwasher.  : ( haven't found a positive thing about this yet... but Kyle promised he'd help with dishes.
3. The living space is HUGE so we'll make our office part of our living/dining room... plenty of square footage and it will encourage me to "clean as I go" on my craft projects since everyone will see the space
4. We won't buy things we don't need because there won't be any room... (including clothes-- this will save us $$ in the long run, I'm sure)


Okay.  We brought Lola because we found an apartment that allowed dogs.  We realized once we got there it smelled like dogs... and dog urine.  I couldn't deal.  We quickly abandoned it and searched for a house to rent.  SUCCESS was found in this little gem:

It's pretty awesome from the outside.  Don't be fooled.  There is DEFINITELY work to be done.  Lucky for me, I love projects... and paying $200.00 less per month than the smelly dog two-bedroom.

Kyle and I made a decision before we left Georgia.  After getting quotes from companies to rent moving vehicles, trailers, etc., we realized my furniture (mostly from ikea, family, or repurposed goodwill) would take up enough room to fill a whole truck-- furnishing a home, but costing approximately $2000 to transfer across the country.  

Our decision:  Furnish our new place with half the money we would've spent on a move.  So, here we are... $1000 MAX cash to furnish our home.  (not including the gift certificates).  I'm aiming for less.

Can I do it?  For sure.


we are married.

Things are perfect and fun. Kyle and I are meant to be. I couldn't imagine it any other way. However, if he doesn't stop biting his nails... there may be some problems sooner than later.

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