Dru is coming to Utah tomorrow! This has been a long time coming...

We'll hang out in Utah for a few days, look at apartment prospects, cruise SLC, then be off to Georgia for the summer. super excited!!! Our first chance to really be together.

I don't know if people realize it, but the longest Dru and I have be together straight is only 18 days (Christmas break). Total days together... I don't know... maybe 40? Now we get the whole summer together, then the rest of our lives after August 5! Gonna be good time. Gonna get tired of each other? nahh... hope not.



ignoring a text is one thing.  hanging up a phone call... that means you're really mad.  but, ending a skype video call.  that's a big deal.  it's like "i'm so mad at you i don't even want to look at your pretty face"-- equivalent to walking out of the room/door while being talked to.  and then the line before he hung up: "i'm pissed off.  you're making me mad.  i don't want to talk to you.  bye!" 

my attempted onomatopoeia spelling for the sound skype makes when a phone call hangs up:


screw it.  it can only be heard.  point is, it's basically like SLAMMING the door behind you.  awful.

anyways.  we are different and our communication over the past two months was very stressful and now there are big mis-understandings and mis-communications that have left us in the "no choice in this matter" category.  

we are both in the wrong.  and i think it's kind of funny.  he thinks it's terrible.  and he hates that i laugh at his tone when he's mad... : (

i'm letting him sleep it off.  it's late in utah... actually, early in the morning

baby.  i'm sorry i laughed at how cute you are when you get all worked up.  love you.  

*pictures included to make this worth reading/looking at for those of you who stress over our problems and the fact that we are getting married in 95 days.  he's the best... and seriously, the man i want to be with always*

YAY!!!!!  95 DAYS until i'm Mrs. Clegg!!!!!

(ew.  gross.  I just realized how weird it is to write Mrs.... I wish their was a better transition from Miss.)