Back in Utah

I love my girl so much. Spent a week with her in paradise. Back to snowy Utah. Best moment from Hawaii trip: "HI" at the McDonald's drive-thru. We went there because Dru was hungry after sushi and wanted a cheeseburger. Classy girl. lol. And we've always had this thing where we just say "hi" to each other. Like, when we're talking on the phone, when we're skyping late at night, when I call her to wake her up in the morning, when we're making out. "hi hi hi hi hi". Don't ask me why. So... we got to the drive-thru and they're like "how can I help you" and we were just laughing about something and I turn to the speakerbox and "hi" comes out. It was silly. The tone... I can't describe it. But it was priceless.

Silly girl. Always fun to hang out with.

2nd best moment: SHAVE ICE at Local Boys. Please get me some more shave ice. I can't get enough of it.


how to get kyle to wake up...

so.  kyle leaves maui in less than three hours and look at what he is doing:

sleeping.  not to mention the fact that he's about to get on a more than 5 hour plane ride that is a RED EYE.  it's going to be at least four weeks before we see each other again and this is what he does.  I AM SO INCREDIBLY ANNOYED BY THIS.

so, what do I try to do... sweetly give him a kiss and lean over on him and say "baby, come on... get up.  you leave in a little while."  (he's already napped for more than 30 minutes)  Kyle's reply *grumble, groan, mumble** WHAT ARE YOU DOING?  GET OFF OF ME.  I'm so tired."

Just to add to the situation-- at lunch he asked me to make sure he didn't nap since he wanted to sleep on the plane.

so... 1/2 an hour later I try again: "BABY, I love you... GET UP!"  his reply: *whine, whine, fart, giggle, whine** "baby, just give me a back massage so I can gradually get up... no just let me wake up on my own.  slowly.  with out you."

i'm annoyed and frustrated... but, i try again... he says "STOP.  talk to you later.  leave me alone.  bye." **rolls over with face in pillow** 

so... here i am writing about him on the blog....

after a long battle that involved him saying "why would i WANT TO GET UP to a stupid girl hitting me"-- (i know this sounds like we have problems... but, it was justified on both ends, and kind of funny-- not abusive) he says "what are you doing?" (i am sitting next to him on my laptop)

i don't respond.


once again, i don't respond... b/c i'm typing.

"oh no.  baby.  are you writing on the blog about me?"

i continue to type and then after a few "i love you" and other sweet things... he rolls over and is now 1/2 awake next to me.  SUCCESS.


if kyle's final grades stink. it's not my fault.

So, get this.  Being the amazing girlfriend that I am, today Kyle forwarded me his Philosophy study guide (his own "cute" idea) so I could help him.  I patiently read through it and quizzed him over video chat.  He was studying and getting ready to go to the testing center to take the final.  During my quizzing, I noticed him frequently looking down.  I joked with him about cheating and looking at the guide.  He laughed it off and swore he didn't have the guide in front of him.

**Cue the annoying Angry Birds theme music**

All of a sudden, the subject changed from the "pros and cons of socialism" to the NEW update of Angry Birds [Seasons]...  he was SO excited because this time... THE EGGS WERE EASTER THEMED.

Ridiculous.  So, sure, the study guide wasn't in front of him but his iphone sure was.  i was sacrificing beach time to help my man study, and he seriously sat there and played angry birds.

Whatever.  He eventually quit playing and then I informed him I was going to the beach... of course he further requested I keep helping him.  Psh.  Not.  Gonna.  Do.  It.

It was this event that resulted in the following conversation after my dinner tonight:
(approximately 8:00pm my time)

My response to it all:  "sorry baby, don't wait up.  i have things to do.  love you."

As much as I adore helping Kyle "ace the final and assure an A in the class", sometimes I just have to get my own stuff done.  It's not his fault I sacrifice my time to help him and get Angry Birds shoved in my face.  Oh wait.  It totally is.

So, for the record... this is a direct consequence on his actions... and, he probably was playing Angry Birds before/after I even began quizzing him... *crossing fingers his grades still rock, as usual*


I'm sure he'll follow up with some post about how I don't understand prime rental locations in Provo-- and how I'm trying to live in the ghetto and he's just looking out for me, even if it means we pay a couple hundred more dollars a month and can't have a [my] dog. ; )


Sleeping Dru

Watching Dru sleep while at work. My girlfriend is oh so attractive.


i don't "want to have" a chihuahua. i already OWN one.

yeah.  that's right.  Kyle wants my four year old chihuahua to find herself another home because he doesn't want her.  even though he knew I had a dog.... he assumed she "wasn't included" in the deal.  he's refusing to let her come live with us in utah.  suggests we get something "new" together.  what the HECK, right?  in my defense, i wouldn't have even suggested a great dane, bunny, or sugar glider (raccoon was just a cute youtube video, not for real) if he would just BE OKAY with the BABY GIRL I ALREADY HAVE.

VOTE LOLA.  Who cares if there is a pet deposit.  It'll probably be refundable and she only weighs 4 lb.  She's not going to do any damage.  Not to mention, she LOVES sleeping under the covers which is not annoying at all.  It's so cute that she loves to cuddle.  She's so tiny, and gets cold so easily-- she NEEDS human body heat.  With out me, SHE WILL DIE.  all.  your.  fault.

She's pretty much the cutest, sweetest thing ever.  A major part of my life... saw me through awkward heavy eye liner stage... all the way to i don't wear make up at all stage... (see picture below).  She is a NEED, Kyle.  ooooh.  best part.  she has a seasonal collar for every month.  hearts for february, snow flakes for christmas, etc.  it's just SO fun to have a FESTIVE pet.

daylight savings is NOT my friend.

Ever since spring rolled around.... we haven't been able to talk.  The change to a four-hour time difference is a HUGE pain... by the time I put the girls down it's 9pm here/ 1am there and while Kyle answers his phone and turns on Skype... within five minutes... snoring.

Bless his heart, he wakes up at 7 in the morning to get ready for class/work at 8... so, he'll text/call at 3-4 am and get the same thing, reversed (i'm sure he'll have a picture to update this with)

During the day when I have "me" time (that's all relative), Kyle's at work or in class.  By the time he gets off and gets home... (6:30pm his time/ 2:30 pm my time) I'm getting ready/on my way to pick up the girls from school (@2:40).  We can talk for the few minutes of my drive, but the Maui Prep faculty have a policy about cell phones in the car-rider line, SO... that's a no-go.  usually.  I feel like a hard headed teenager b/c the elementary school principal, Mrs. Reader, is always pointing to the "cell phone free zone" poster as I drive by.  OOPS?

It's probably ruining my nanny reputation.

Anyways.  Kyle's FINALS were nice because he pulled a few all nighters so we actually could talk for like 20 minutes at night... normally he was playing cow noises in the background working on his Android App for his ISYS class, but.  Beggars can't be choosers... and I have been BEGGING for some real talk time with my guy.

So, we're that couple that just sits on g-chat video during the day and knows what the other is doing but can't say a word other than type a few things and hope they get read.


We don't argue that much

Sweet girl thinks we argue a ton? not even true. the last couple weeks have been a little rough, since it' been like 70 DAYS since I've seen my fiancee (besides military people who does that??) ...but I attribute that to the fact that I haven't seen her forever, she's been stressed taking care of a bunch of girls on her own, I have finals right now, and we both have a ton of wedding plans to make. It just happens.

We are pretty different though. On everything... Like sometimes Dru wants to have a Chihuahua to start off our marriage, other days she wants a Great Dane, other days a bunny, a sugar glider, and pet raccoon, etc. etc. SHE CAN'T MAKE UP HER MIND. Even her girls call her out on it sometimes. I know... I've heard them. I on the other hand am pretty traditional. I like to be adventurous in the sense of going and and hiking a mountain, or learning to surf. But spontaneous in the way Dru is? Not at all.

...that's okay though. I love her for it... now. It used to bug me a little bit but I think I'm over it. If it really gets to me I just shake my head and say "oh no..." or "what am I gonna do with you..." and she smiles at me and looks so cute and so fly it doesn't even matter anymore...

She is pretty amazing and although super different from me she's exactly what I didn't know I wanted. I am 100% confident in her ability to make me happy the rest of my life, and my ability to do the same for her.

gotta start somewhere.

I'm sure my fiance will be proud.  I'm embracing the stereotype.  You know.  The under-drinking-age  Mormon girl who gets married and... OMGsh!  STARTS A BLOG!!!  Actually, I can't stand it.  It kind of makes me gag a little bit.  But, he thinks it's the sweetest thing ever and already wrote ALL about our engagement and other life experiences on his personal blog.  So, whatever.  here it is.  Brace yourself.

Actually-- the story of THIS is pretty funny, because-- well... we are so opposite.  Kyle and I joke about how we probably wouldn't have worked out if we were living in the same place.  It's pretty true.  Everything about this relationship is anything BUT the way we thought it would be.  I love that.  He hates that.  He is learning to embrace our differences.  I'm thinking... "thank goodness we are NOTHING alike."  Kyle thought his wife would be another version of himself.  HAHAHA.  THAT'S FUNNY.  His classic line when we disagree on something: "oh man.  what am I going to do with you?"  We are learning.  And, it's pretty fun.  And, everyone in the world will probably wonder what the heck we are doing getting married... I. do. not. care.

But, seriously, he is THE MOST AMAZING GUY in a ton of ways... and I CANT BELIEVE IM SIGNING UP TO SPEND FOREVER WITH THIS GUY in other ways.  Honestly, I have no doubts that this [getting married] is going to be the best thing we could ever do for ourselves and each other.

So, if you can't tell already.  I'm over the whole "let's look like we're perfect for each other for the whole world to see".  I mean, maybe if we searched long enough and put out a few ads we would've found someone who was our EXACT match.  But, a. we don't have time for that, b. we both really love a challenge, and c. we are totally into [and crazy-love] each other.

Long distance relationship.... hoping I'll look back and know it was for the best....

In the mean time: our typical Skype conversation...
sweet greetings, talk about our day, vent about problemsdisagree on why it shouldn't even be a problem, beginning of argument, decision not to argue, talk about our future, another disagreement... which leads back to the disagreement we weren't going to argue about, then we argue.... laugh about how stubborn the other one is.  talk ourselves in a circle to realize we both agree in every way but just phrase it different (and are too sensitive to try to understand the other in the beginning)... then we argue some more... then we get frustrated and laugh at how it is ridiculous... then laugh and smile at how cute the other gets when we argue about something-- how passionate we are about our own opinions... then, we hang up because we are annoyed.  wait a few minutes, text some silly emoticons and apologies and then call each other back and have real talk about the rest of our lives together-- then have a few smaller versions of the same argument ten times over just to end up laughing, smiling and seriously ADORING each other.

So, while this blog will seriously lack in the DIYPERFECT PARTY PLANNING, and WE ARE THE CUTEST COUPLE EVER department, I'm sure it will compensate in thTHESE TWO LIVE A REALLY HECTIC LIFE AND HAVE NO PROBLEM TALKING ABOUT IT department.  A change of pace for some of you, and a little entertainment, perhaps?

My plan is... (as long as he isn't offended by this first post)  that amazing man of mine, Kyle, will add his two-cents to everything I say with his own post.  I'm sure there will be two sides to every story-- and, it will be good for us to hear each other out... and understand what the other was thinking at the time.

We are excellent communicators and try really hard to listen (I suck at this, he's AMAZING at this) and not judge the other (he sucks at this, this is my strength) when we talk about how we feel.

Anyways.  Wa-HOO, right?  110 days till we are sealed and get to make this work... FOREVER.