.things I love to hate about the man I love.

1. his phone.  he would marry it if he could.
2. his obsession with ESPN... and his need to tell me all about it.
3. his never-ending pit of needing his back scratched.
4. how he gets "tired" every time we get to the mall.

I'm marrying a man's man.  i always wanted that, but the consequences are not quite what i expected....

Today, for example... Kyle and I dropped Amelia off to meet her grandfather in the Perimeter Mall area and decided (together) we should take advantage of the mall to shop for our final wedding attire needs.  To make a long story short, he said he needed to "step outside" of Banana Republic.  I figured he was making a phone call or hitting up the food court.  I checked out, stepped outside of the store and couldn't see him.  I tried to call, but he didn't answer.  I went to other stores, tried to call again... no luck.  I casually looked for him (while taking advantage of solitary shopping time) and then found him 30 minutes later outside of Victoria's Secret asleep and snoring on a chair.  Bless his heart, I had to wake him up from his 30 minute nap AT THE MALL.  WHO DOES THAT?  It's not like the mall was quiet either.  It was the late-Saturday afternoon craziness with people trying to escape the rain.  ALL KINDS OF LOUD IN THAT MALL.  unbelievable.  I mean... I'm narcoleptic so I understand falling asleep in places where others would definitely NOT... but, COME ON.  He hates shopping.  Still no final on the wedding outfit either...

So... basically... Kyle is total guy.  Straight up BOY.  I'm getting used to it.

No posts in a while.  Its because I haven't had any complaints.  DONT worry though.  I hear it gets worse after marriage, so I'm sure they'll pick back up after August 5th.

As for now, Things are perfect... too perfect for me to write about because it would make you want to gag and you'd probably hate me for how spectacular our love life is....  Can't wait to be married to Kyle and can't wait to share his name.  YAY.  It's so close I can't stand it.

We finally got our invitations sent out yesterday.  I'm happy with them.
Here's a sneak peak of how super adorable and gag-worthy we are together