My husband just asked me to scratch his back. So, I did. For four minutes. (three minutes too long) when I stopped he goes "will you scratch my back for twenty minutes?"

This is serious. No jokes.

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some things stay the same.

Not sure how many know the role this girl plays in my life.  It's so funny how we all grow up and things change, and you grow apart from people.  Turns out, some things stay the same, or come back around.

Lydia and I met in middle school.  We "knew of each other" before that though, and at 13 we became best friends.  We would (no joke) read Harry Potter together, listen to music together (Stroke 9, anyone?), draw our dream clothing lines together (this is totally serious) and watch Friends together.  For years, there was a group of five girls that would hang out always in her basement.  Our one-night sleepovers would turn into weekend-long movie marathons pushing couches together and cuddling up with comforters.  My parents even took us on annual spring-break beach trips in our teal Chevy Astro van.

Lydia and I dreamed of being designers.  We could never decide between fashion or interiors, but we would draw clothes and look at pictures of cool houses on a regular basis as middle schoolers.    Our friendship followed into high school where we would hang out thrifting at Agora in downtown Athens and meet up with our guy friends for pizza.  She developed a love for cinema, and started filming things on a regular basis-- made me watch indie films and classic horror movies.  Completely opposite, I became active in FFA-- raising dairy calves in my back yard and competing nationally in nursery landscape competitions.  By the end of 10th grade, we loved each other, but our "hanging out" was not as often as before.  We had changed a lot, and our "group of friends" was a little different than how it originally started out.  We were there for each other, but didn't talk much.

Completely unaware of what the other was doing, Lydia had applied to SCAD-Sav to study film, and I had applied to SCAD-Atl to study interior design.  Things have changed now-- we're both short of graduating, and aren't at SCAD.  But, funny how we had planned all those years ago (at 13) to go to the same art/design school and after spending a couple years apart, still went back to our individual roots which just happened to be similar.

Last year, after some misunderstandings with an old friend, I had Lydia to reach out to.  She was there.  It went the same way when she needed me.  Especially lately, we have been huge supports for one another.  We have completely different religious beliefs, completely different life-plans, but we have found so much comfort in knowing each other for so long, and truly knowing each others' intentions.  Even though we talked about being each others' maid of honor at 13, two years ago, I never would have thought our relationship would be where it is today.

(six years between these pictures)

Having Lydia support me in getting married, and be next to me has meant more to me than anything else.  She would call me on a regular basis in Maui, she would message me weekly, she would remind me that she cared for me and knew who I was even when sometimes I had lost myself.  She would message me pictures of bouquets when she was studying abroad in Europe, and would Skype me whenever she had the chance.  Talk about dedicated.  Even without the same beliefs, Lydia always held me to my high standards and never let me forget them.  So, if any of you have been wondering how me and this tattoo-covered lady came to be, and why she is so important in all these wedding pictures... She is a talented, amazing woman who I love so much and am so grateful to have in my life.

When Lydia gave her sweet speech at my reception, I couldn't help but think how even though we went through ups and downs, she always stayed by my side.  She is the perfect friend, which is so hard to come by, and I couldn't ask for someone better.  I loved my wedding day.  I loved celebrating being married to the love of my life, and I loved being reminded who my true friends are, after all these years-- the ones who unconditionally care for me, despite my weaknesses or fears, or things I-wish-I-would-have-done-differently.  I loved having an intimate reception with my favorites, ones who I knew were happy for me, and supported the decision I made.  And more importantly, would seriously bust a move on the dance floor.

the friends i've known and loved for years-- all from elementary school, middle school, or high school


cassie robinson is amazing.

My sweet friend Cassie Robinson took some AMAZING pictures for Kyle and me... engagements and pre-wedding bridal shots, and I must say... she is reppin' the SCAD talent.  Lucky for you, she is doing specials for family portraits AS WE SPEAK, so... CHECK THE GIRL OUT.

Kyle and I didn't have much time over summer between our travel and our work and our planning, etc. to spend entire days taking photos-- Cassie literally spent just a few hours with us in total and the stuff she got was PERFECT.  She just sent me our CD today and I am THRILLED!

Look how cute my husband is:

I'll stop there.  Picture Overload.  

Thank you Cassie for being wonderful.  

Thank you Husband for marrying me.  

Only 17 more days in the contract before I get all my reception pictures.  Get stoked for those.

Kyle and I are going to Vegas this weekend.  WA-HOOOO.


as promised.

my $10.00 halloween decor project (**20 lb. pumpkin still to be carved**)

spiders all over my walls

you really should just come over.  it looks much better in person.  


What's next?

WE FOUND KITTENS!  Four to be exact.  In a box.  Right outside of Macey's grocery store at midnight. They are the cutest/smallest/most adorable things.  I can't wait to find them perfect little homes.  (Lola isn't going to last more than a week with these guys.  She's sad and depressed now that she's not queen bee)

She liked playing with them the first few days, but when they try to nurse on her all we hear from the kitchen are growls and really loud meows.  She only has so much patience.  Poor girl.  Also, based on her reaction at 53 seconds in the following video... she may be allergic.  ; )

Not the cutest picture of Lola, but kyle looks cute so I've posted it anyways.

i took the kittens out of the picture in attempt to let her redeem herself... she refused to take a picture and pouted once i took the computer out of her face.  I'm hoping she'll recover from the trauma of four three-week old kittens.


Decorating the house for Halloween was a necessity because it's my favorite holiday.  (Warning: I'll say that about every holiday)  Here's just a little peak and I'll update more ASAP.  I have been staying up late with Kyle and getting crafty.  

We are both wishing I had a craft room b/c there's not much room for mess making here.  In fact, today I stepped on my hot glue gun... barefoot.  I won't be wearing anything but my house shoes for a week.  Seriously.  My poor pinky toe.

I've been interviewing for jobs like crazy, and while everyone has been saying they love me... I am still not employed.  Just waiting for answers to my follow-ups, etc.  Moving along to plan B.  What's that, you ask?

the plan: start my own little company right here in Provo.  I'm working it out with Kyle and getting a friend or two on board with me, but-- i'm thinking it will probably be along the lines of holiday decor/event decor/party planning/interior design/who knows what all it will encompass at this point.

Utah is FULL of DIY-ers and stay-at-home-mom's who love to decorate their own homes.  I feel like starting something here will be a challenge, but well worth it.  I'll be feeling out the crowd before I make anything final.  I ADORED fixing this little house up, and want to help everyone else do theirs.  So, I'm taking a slice of humble pie and this girl is going to charge hardly anything to help you make your home what you want it to be.  All within the budget I'm given... by whoever wants to hire me.  SPREAD THE WORD TO YOUR UTAH FRIENDS.  First come gets the GOOD DEALS.  There will be more to come on this... like-- official decisions and some promotional ads/business cards/ etc.  I'm sure mom and dad are rolling their eyes, but... I'll be making a living doing something I love.

So, pass your friends on to me.  Please.  They will not be disappointed. 



I've been struggling with what to do for a headboard.  So... I explored blogs.  Kyle and I spend a lot of time in the bedroom, in our bed.  (i know what you're thinking... not T.M.I.  I mean... sitting up, on our computers, working on websites, homework, auto cad... all leaning against the wall)  For this reason, whatever headboard I chose would have to support our backs but not take up any room... (knocks out antique windows, doors, art work, etc.)

Decision: paint a "faux" headboard.

story goes like this:
Kyle had a hockey game so I stayed home (lost my keys, actually) and taped a pattern to paint the walls.  I found a stencil on a website and drew everything out and started painting away.  Whoever painted the bedroom walls in this house before used a high gloss paint (dumb choice) so it was requiring three coats of paint in TINY little details with a TINY little brush.  Tedious can't even describe the kinks my hands were getting.  After standing back... I hated it.  : (  I know, right?  Literally spending hours and it was for nothing.  

Kyle came home, we talked... I told him to be careful around the paint area (waiting for the things to dry so i could continue with another coat...) five minutes pass and THIS happens:

oops.  poor kyle.  these things always happen to him and he feels terrible for it. (no, i never put a drop cloth under things i hand paint)

Luckily we just pushed the bed over it.  We'll have to pay for new carpet upon departure.  I totally hated the pattern on the wall though.... I also did some frilly curves at the top and it looked awful.  Kyle and I lean towards things a little more geometric so I decided on a Jonathan-Adler-esque print for another day.  As for now, I painted a giant rectangle on my wall and called it a day.  I'm pretty pleased with it.  Our bed feels like a big deal now.  

^^That's the little mock-up design I'll be painting on top... eventually^^
***isn't the color AWESOME????  It was one of the "super saturated/vibrant" paint chips that is a total loner in the display-- you know, they have their own space instead of a standard shaded paint chip swatch.  It's special... which makes me nervous to paint a design on top... color ideas?***

I picked out colors for a stripe to go around our living room a month ago.  I've been waiting for a little extra change to purchase the paint, and this week I was able to knock out the plan... just on a smaller scale. (three valspar samples @2.50 each=affordable choice)  The front door isn't centered on our living room which throws off the balance of the room and it directs straight to a blank space in our wall.  Awkward feeling when you walk in so... parallel to the front door I painted a vertical stripe instead of the original horizontal plan.  It balances out the room really well with the TV/entertainment center being so dark.  


Which brings me to the dresser/entertainment center.  It's another ksl find for $30.00 and has a center cabinet that opens and four drawers on the side.  We cut a hole in the back for chords to wire through and it looks a million times better than chords all over the floor.

It's black with gold detailing... a little hollywood regency style going on, which I default to sometimes.

I really need a better camera.  The fire-hazard we're hiding behind the closed doors:

Finally, a few things I've picked up around town over the past week-or-so:

record- $2 @ antique shop in Spanish Fork
frame- $6.00 (50% off frames) @ Hobby Lobby

frame- $3.50 (SUPER CLEARENCE) @ Pier One
old post cards- $.50 each @ antique shop in Spanish Fork
(post cards are of Detroit and Atlanta-- major cities close to where Kyle and I grew up)

lamp base- $7.99 (clearance) @ Target
lamp shade- $3.00 (AS IS... out of plastic wrap and staged in a room) @ IKEA

dinner plate: $.75 (Vera Bradley for Kohls) @ D.I.
salad plate: 2.99 (Lenox) @ TJ Maxx
napkin: $.25 (extra 75% off CLEARANCE) @ BedBath&Beyond
napkin ring: $.05 (SUPER CLEARANCE) @ BedBath&Beyond
dinner plate: $.75 @ D.I.
salad plate: $.50 (Fiestaware) @ D.I.
napkin: $.25 (SUPER CLEARANCE) @ BedBath&Beyond
napkin ring: $1.99 (50% off) @ Pier One

dinner plate: $.50 (Crate and Barrel) @ D.I.
salad plate: $.50 (Anthropologie) @ D.I.
napkin: $.25 (extra 75% off CLEARANCE) @ BedBath&Beyond
napkin ring: $.99 (MAJOR CLEARANCE) @ Pier One
dinner plate: $.75 (Gibson Dinnerware) @ D.I.
salad plate: $.25 @ D.I.
napkin: $.15 (SUPER CLEARANCE) @ BedBath&Beyond
napkin ring: $.99 (MAJOR CLEARANCE) @ Pier One