turkey day.

I had to see/spend Thanksgiving with immediate family.  No offense to extended relatives, but seeing someone that can be called a sister/brother was required.  So, Kyle and I drove down to Vegas to visit Karlee and Matt.

First of all, it was super sweet for them to let us come... ESPECIALLY because by "us" I include Lola.  We drove down late Wednesday night (I slept the whole way... sorry husband).

Side Note: I love that she is so easy going in a car.  Let's hope for the same easy-going attitude come Christmas when she gets on a plane to ATL.    

Kyle got out of bed early-ish to watch football, and for the first time in 21 years I didn't watch ANY of the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade.  Not even a second.  I broke my tradition.  I can't make my children watch it with me now like I had planned my whole life "b/c I WILL NEVER MISS IT!"

On a BRIGHTER note... we DID watch the annual dog show which I also NEVER MISS.  That tradition is STILL GOING STRONG.  Super excited to see the Great Dane win its group... and, of course the Wire Fox Terrier took home the crown.  

Karlee cooked an amazing FULL Thanksgiving meal pretty much by herself.  Well, Matt helped her and I peeled potatoes, but seriously... she is amazing.  I wish I took pictures, because it was wonderful. As usual, I got stoked on Black Friday deals, and we SHOPPED, baby!  Majority of my deals were gifts, so I'll keep them to myself... BUT... you're all getting awesome gifts even though my budget was based on my newlywed status.  

WHAT I CAN SHARE WITH YOU.... Kyle and I only had one set of sheets and they are super nice.  We got them on super sale right when we moved out here, but finding something comparable was not in the budget.  UNTIL BLACK FRIDAY!!!  Macy's had a pretty decent set of sheets.  620 thread count, full set originally for $170.00... on sale at midnight for $49.99.  Thank goodness we had two $25.00 gift cards to Macy's left.  It was FATE.

We spent the weekend shopping and hanging out.  It was nice to chill and not worry about anything.  We hit up the Mars Factory Christmas Lights in the Cactus Garden.  Karlee and I saw Breaking Dawn. Went to church on Sunday then headed home.  I stayed awake the whole time... took advantage of seeing things I hadn't seen before.  Like Arizona (for 15 minutes) and the St. George temple.

(please excuse the ridiculous photo editing.  i dont have the originals and took them with instagram)

It was a fun trip... and got me super excited to see my family in December!

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