Christmas Music Post. Get Stoked.

Okay, SO... My computer harddrive crashed forever ago and I STILL haven't put my pictures/music/documents back on my computer.  Which means, I was relying heavily on Pandora for Christmas Carols.  EPIC FAIL because I definitely have some favorites, and even when you select them as stations on Pandora... they don't actually get played.

SOLUTION: I've been individually you-tubing or downloading them... Meaning, I will SHARE ALL THE LINKS WITH YOU.  You are welcome for the following 2 playlists.

You don't have to be a mom to appreciate these.
However, I am including them especially for my mom to download.
So, Mom... these are links.... just click away and MAKE IT HAPPEN

I'm not going to lie... I get tired of the same-old-songs REMADE.  EVERY YEAR. 
I'll listen to them once or sometimes only half way through, then move on.
(that ALWAYS causes problems on Pandora b/c you can only skip so many)
THESE I have/will listen to three times in a row.  Probably More.

p.s. some of them are from my childhood *cough, Hanson, cough*

p.p.s. they are listed in FAVORITE order (for this year, at least)

ENJOY ENJOY.  Other than YouTube, you should be able to "Save As" for the files or just straight up download them.  If the links don't work for you, COMMENT so I can fix them.  You should find ALL of them on itunes though if you are worried about downloading them "illegally".


Kyle just finished up his last week of class (he's catching up on sleep as we speak).  Next week is finals and then...

 We're GOING HOME!!!!!!! 

Hobby Lobby has Christmas Candles 50% off!!  GO RIGHT NOW AND BUY THIS ONE: Peppermint Frost.  Although I'm normally drawn to "pine" or "cinnamon" smells... this is AMAZING and MY NEW FAVORITE Christmas scent. 


  1. Did you make that glitter reindeer?

  2. 50% off at Hobby Lobby, although with a little spray fixative... i could glitter anything.