it's cold here.

4.5 weeks at SolutionReach and I'm still LOVING every single second of my job.  Call me crazy, but I seriously have completely lost the whole "WHEN ARE WE GETTING OUT OF THIS STATE!?" mentality.  I LOVE seeing the snow-topped mountains when I drive to work every morning.  I LOVE seeing lights for miles of the valley at night on my drive home. (and the Christmas lights up at Thanksgiving Point)  It's pretty here... as long as you look past the developments of terribly-placed, poorly-designed, single-family homes. (No originality between Lehi and Murray... cookie cutter homes so close together seriously make me cringe).  Other than that and the ORANGE barrels EVERYWHERE (construction on I-15 that will never end... ugh!) I am enjoying the view.

View of Provo from the Y (it's pretty cool on its own)  
I didn't take this picture, but it looks just like that.  : )

What am I NOT enjoying??  The weather.  The cold.  The FREEZING temperatures.  This issue affects me in many ways:

1. I have to schedule my water bottle drinking.  Why?  Because I HATE the feeling of a freezing cold toilet seat on my bum/legs in the middle of the night... and therefor, I don't drink anything past 9:00 pm if I can help it.
2. I have been late for work every day.  (This is relative because my boss has never gotten there before me... he has the same problem, I'm sure)  Why?  Because getting out of a WARM comfy bed is so hard.  Narcolepsy has nothing to do with this.  My medication is working PERFECTLY.  This is just a personal motivation that I seriously struggle with.  It's a lose-lose.  Even when I do wake up on time, it seems those are the days I get a run in my tights and have to find something else to wear or I have to scrape the ice off my windshield.
3. Lola has made the decision to forget her training on especially cold evenings.  Three days in the past week, I woke up to an"accident" in the floor.  She gets up silently in the middle of the night, does her business IN FRONT OF THE DOOR, and then climbs back in bed.  What a little jerk, right?  She used to whine to wake me so I could let her out.  Too cold for that, now.  So, we're working on it... and getting the carpets cleaned.
4. I am lacking in the winter clothes department.  end. of. story.

1. My pay checks have been phenomenal.  What does that have to do with the weather?  I'll tell you.  It's SO cold that the second I get in the building, I don't want to leave the heat.  I don't take a lunch break if I can help it, and I usually stay after at least an hour or so.  I DREAD walking to my car, so I put it off and stay productive.  Overtime is helping me pay the bills, that's for sure!
2. We've been saving money!  We eat out less because I hate going into the cold.  We've been doing things inside... like, wrapping Christmas gifts and decorating our tree... and, making brownies/eating the batter before they get in the oven.
3. I was FINALLY inspired to use the crock pot for a hot meal.  Kyle and I made white chicken chili (just ask for the recipe) and had some people over for dinner on two occasions.  He seriously cannot get enough of the stuff.
4. Kyle and I cuddle more. (to keep me warm in the freezing house)  end. of. story. 

  front yard... my boot prints and lola's paw prints 

The good out weighs the bad, for SURE.  I'm a pretty lucky girl these days.

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